Susan for Congress

Susan Heitzman - Democrat - Indiana's 6th District

A unique campaign to bring about change


America has lost its way. Corporations and special interests have a startling influence in Washington over both major political parties and the legislation that they create, as well as over the actions of the executive branch, and the rulings from our courts.

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Why is what Susan Heitzman is doing - as a candidate from a major political party - so unique?

Susan Heitzman wants to talk candidly about what's really troubling in our political system. The Democratic Party is certainly our major party for truth-tellers, but it's not easy to get out the message for a campaign that puts people first. There is so much biased information in a red state that is dominated by entrenched interests.

- No contributions from special interests or corporations -

Susan Heitzman is willing to challenge the power of corporations and other special interests by putting her constituents first throughout her campaign. Susan took no contributions in this spring's primary campaign, and she knows that she will be going against millions of dollars held by or spent on behalf of her opponent in the general election for Indiana's Sixth District congressional race.

We started off as well-intentioned people, and we are just not able to face up to the costs and threats of radical capitalism. Instead, we grow desperate and bitter.  As a result, we find excuses as to why it is all right to be unkind to one another, to stop caring about anything but what's in it for us. 

Laws and regulations are no longer made in the people's best interests. Legalese, fine print and technicalities rob us of our wealth, health and fine heritage, and deny advantages and privileges to our children.  That's got to change.

- An all-volunteer campaign -

We must find an approach that professional campaign consultants counsel against, that of bringing our humanity back into the public policy sphere, both in terms of what choices we make and what people we choose to put our trust in. Are our leaders working to keep our current system intact - despite the fact that it doesn't work for the majority of us - or are they fighting for change? In a system where money does all the talking, Susan believes that the average person should get his or her place at the table.

What Susan wants for the Sixth District

Susan out-of-doorsSusan Heitzman is calling upon you to use people power to regain control over the massive amounts of money and influence peddling that is distorting our democratic system of government. You keep hearing about government abuse and fraud, but our budget problems and government insolvency are primarily due to the unjustified corporate welfare passed on to the very organizations and groups that pay millions to send legislators to Congress that are most sympathetic to their wishes and demands.

Powerful interests are playing a system rigged against everyday Americans, when they refuse to pay their fair share of taxes. Middle-class people and many others struggle to live secure and productive lives, and before Americans were shortchanged, they didn't tend to turn away from the needy and the friendless.  

Susan is running a citizen-based campaign. She would ask that you all be active in volunteering and/or assisting the campaign that you believe in, and in your efforts as individuals, to influence public policy-making at all levels of government.  Susan hopes that she can justify your hopes that we can be a caring and optimistic people, once again.

It's very important that you understand the Indiana voter guidelines, and then register to vote. Each of you must follow through in taking back your power. We don't want "more of the same"!  We must demand a new standard in how we conduct elections and how we enact fair and just legislation for the Sixth District.

Box 180, Vernon, IN 47282